Sunday, February 05, 2006


Doll house builders and miniaturists amaze me, especially the ones who are devoted fans of fictional worlds, but this one's recreation of Frodo's house from LOTR left me speechless (warning for dial-uppers, many, many pics that take a while to load, but absolutely worth it. Also, thanks to G. for the link.)


  1. Now featured on the program Extreme Homes, on sale for only $349,995!!

    Man oh man. Tolkienites really are the most fanatical of fans, aren't they? (But then, as I read in a recent issue of Wired, there are a bunch of folks determined to resurrect the old Star Trek, and they're spending hundreds of thousands of their own money to do it.)

    Thanks for updating the link, btw. You're the best ;)

    I deleted that first comment, by the way. I need to be more careful with my altar egos.

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Altar egos? No, I'm not going to run with that one...and there's nowhere you can hide that we can't find you, Doc.

    I'm a fan of a number of other people's worlds (have painted some, in fact) but when I look at those pics and think of the hours and hours of work that went into that loving creation, I can only shake my head. That is utter devotion.

  3. Oh, it weren't nothin'. I've gotten quite speedy at photoshopping. Did you recognize her?

  4. Wow, that house is amazing.

    It's not only book and movie fans who can get a bit crazy about their hobbies. Tin figure creators and collectors who restage entire battles with hundreds of tiny soldiers is another, and frankly, if I had any talent for it, I'd be in that one (with a some Roman cohorts and bunch of tribal warriors). But I have two left hands with thumbs only. *grin*


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