Monday, February 20, 2006

Eureka Ten

Ten Things to Inspire You

1. Pick something from A Chocolate Box.

2. Stitch up those unseen wounds with Aileen Suquila-Santos's The Healing Power of Words.

3. See it via Magnificent Octopus's post Inspiration and Hard Work.

4. Sweat it out with Inspiration Requires Perspiration from Dr. Jay Christensen.

5. Check out the story patchwork that went into making the lovely Noon Quilt.

6. Explore House of the Muse's Realm of the Muse.

7. Have a bite at the Soul Food Cafe.

8. Spin the story bottle with Bonnie Neubauer's Story Spinner Online.

9. Cruise Justin O'Leary's web site Write 21.

10. Ask yourself some of's Writing Prompts/Journal Topics.


  1. Anonymous11:25 PM

    From Realm of the Muse (#6):

    One way to feed the Muse is to respect her and recognize her divine power by setting up a plate with some candles and stones on the desk where you write.

    I feed my muse by reading as much fine writing as I can. Who would have thunk she wanted candles?

    Damn it, I'm going all out. Victoria's Secret Catalog, here I come ;o)

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Off-topic for this thread, but I was wondering if PBW knew that the comment thread for 'Small Print' seems to be broken in some way?


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