Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Lee Goldberg put up a shot of his office and asked everyone to post photos of their workspace. Jennifer Crusie's office would drive me insane. I'd need a bulldozer to deal with that.

This was my workspace at the old house. The only things that have changed are that the window and the painting are gone, and the wall behind Mrs. Peel and the workstation is ivory white instead of ecru white. Yep, I'm that boring.

The nice thing about my workspace is that it is portable (all I need is a four-foot square space or corner, a computer, a chair, my workstation, the electrical/telephone connections, and I'm good to go) and very, very easy to dust.


  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    All these office photos are making me nervous -- my office is in my bedroom, and worst of all I only have a few dozen books up here -- my shelves are in the basement, and since its dark and gloomy and damp down there it's not a suitable spot for an office.

  2. I have a big teak dining table, yellow walls, a mass of CDs and reference books, a mat for the cat - even though she spends most of her time sitting on top of the monitor, or on me - some fossils, some plastic dinosaurs from the natural history museum and a human skull. Oh, and a couple of photos of my wife, so I can remember what she looks like.

    Yea - OK, it would have been easier to post a photo.

  3. It's nice to be ahead of the game for a change. Egotist that I am, I posted a picture of my office way back February last year (
    Those are covers from the Eagle Comics print of Judge Dredd, the Juge Child Quest on the wall, and the guitar is far too close to where I sit. The window is to the right, and looks out over the farmyard and sheep-handling pens. The floor is my filing cabinet, and Mr Stuart gave me that orange lion-headed bin.

  4. Since the digicam is in my father's household again, you'll have to do with a verbal description: glass and metal writing desk in front of a large window with flowers on the sill, looking out onto some trees with the neighbour's house behind; on the desk only phone, calendar and clock (all in black), laptop and one or two books at best. Besides the writing desk is the movable computer desk made of black metal, which overlooks the balcony door with lots of flowers. Black laeather chair with metal, pine tree book shelves on both sides; at the back end of the room my recliner (black leather) low pine tree table, a wall full of enlarged photos I made, plus holders for the CDs. The floor is parquet, the curtains olive green. Only few knick knacks like vases and candleholders, and horse figures which I collect.

  5. I don't have a digital camera or a scanner, so I can't post a pic. It's a computer table, squeezed between a dresser and a storage cabinet under a window. It needs cleaning again, having accumulated a bunch of clutter over the holidays. The one unique feature is the green sweatshirt between my desk lamp and the window. It's usually covered with Smokey, my gray cat. When she's not there, it's covered with gray cat fur. :)


  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Looking at Jennifer Cruisies made me feel good about mine. :) Looking at yours made me realize that I coudl be neater. LOL

    On a good day, after my deadline, mine looks liek yours . . . for abotu a day. LOL


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