Sunday, January 01, 2006


Last Book Read: Microcosmos by Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan (work); Goes Down Easy by Alison Kent (pleasure)

Last Live Music Show Seen: Bela Fleck, I think

Last CD Purchased: The State (Nickelback)

Last Thing Cooked: ziti with sausage and peppers

Last New Thing Eaten: Jamaican escabeche-style chicken. Spicy but delicious.

Last Thing Bought: clothespins for a birthday party game. In this day and age of dryers, unbelievably hard to find.

Last Gift Received: a pressed flower in a letter from an old friend in France

Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received as a Gift: fuzzy slipper socks from my daughter

Last Embarrassing Experience: more painful than embarrassing; spilling half a cup of hot tea down the front of my blouse at a restaurant dinner with my parents.

Last Totally New Experience: learning to inject myself with my new RA meds

Last Foreign Country Visited, if any: Mexico -- not in 2005, though

Last New Bird Seen (substitute an enthusiasm of your own if not a birder): a small and beautiful spotted hawk (might have been a Cooper's Hawk) down by the lake

Last Big Achievement: throwing an 11th birthday party for my kid

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to post a link to your blog or put your answers in comments, inquiring minds would love to know.

(meme courtesy of Dispatches from Tanganyika.)


  1. Why are these called memes?

    Okay, here goes:

    Last Book Read: Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

    Last Live Music Show: Bruce Springsteen

    Last CD bought: The Producers (Christmas present for family)

    Last Thing Cooked: Hors D'oeuvres last night if throwing frozen things in the oven counts as cooking. Prior to that, the cuchidata fig/date cookies.

    Last New Thing Eaten: Yikes! I can't think of anything other than these seaweed rice crackers that I hated.

    Last Thing Bought: A book. Why is that not surprising?

    Last Gift Received: Williams-Sonoma towels and silicone spatulas

    Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received: A new sweater I bought before traveling to the colder climate up North for Christmas.

    Last Embarrassing Experience: Discovering that the seam of my new pants had come apart. Unfortunately, I'd been wearing the pants all day.

    Last Totally New Experience: Snorkeling. There may have been something since then, but I don't remember.

    Last Foreign Country Visited: Italy in 2000.

    Last Big Achievement: Finishing the second half of my second book in two months. (I'm usually a very slow writer.)

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I posted on my blog this morning.

    tam's meme

  3. Posted mine to my blog this morning.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Happy New Year! Thank you for everything you wrote in 2005 - including this blog - and thank you in advance for every word you'll write in 2006.

    I answered this meme in my LJ as the first entry of the year. Altered it a bit and added a few things, just for kicks. I get my jollies where I can.

  5. I've posted mine to my blog. You'll like the 'last book read', I'll bet ;-)

  6. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Nickleback are home town boys fro me! SO cool to see that you have their latest album!!

  7. Anonymous7:05 AM

    --Last Thing Bought: clothespins for a birthday party game. In this day and age of dryers, unbelievably hard to find.

    How strange! We rarely use a dryer, and we always have pegs/clothespins around. Never found them difficult to find either.


  8. Anonymous5:49 AM

    Last Book Read: Aegypt by John Crowley. Awesome, but I'm at a loss to tell you why ...

    Last Live Music Show: Rush, Wembley Arena in London ... 1983! (Need to get out more.)

    Last CD bought: "Young Team" by Mogwai.

    Last Thing Cooked: Prawn and Corn Chowder two night ago. Yummy.

    Last New Thing Eaten: Bacon and Mushroom pizza.

    Last Thing Bought: A new diary for 2006.

    Last Gift Received: An alarm clock/radio.

    Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received: A car coat for those rainy UK winters. And summers ... ;-)

    Last Embarrassing Experience: Forwarding an email to someone which I shouldn't have done -- it was less than kind about them.

    Last Totally New Experience: Having a psychic reading. Amazingly accurate.

    Last Foreign Country Visited: Spain twice last month.

    Last Big Achievement: Writing my first book.

  9. Just what I needed, another distraction. Thanks PBW;}#

    Oh, and Happy New Year too.

  10. I posted this one to my blog, but forgot to come back here and say so. Enjoy, if anyone happens to read this and link. :)


  11. Re: your totally new experience...

    I've been doing this for a while, so maybe you don't yet know all the cool things you can do with the empty syringes. They tell you to throw them away, but that's just because they don't see the beauty in artfully arranged syringe castles, syringe boats (they float!!) and my personal favorite, syringe forts. The last one takes a while to build up. Start saving.


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