Monday, January 09, 2006

Content Ten

Ten Things for Your Weblog Content

1. Active Web Reader is a free web feed reader that allows you to add all your favorite RSS feeds, bookmark web pages and be notified of changes (it will also highlight the changes since your last visit for you.)

2. offers free articles for reprint on your web site (78 writing-related articles are here; also as with any free-reprint material, remember to read and comply with the terms and conditions.)

3. Got free content but not sure how to use it? Check out's post A Quick Guide to Free Content.

4. You can download a free thirty-day trial of EgoClip, an RSS aggregator that automatically sorts and prioritizes your news according to what it thinks will interest you.

5. Free content and Creative Commons advocates may want to link to Lawrence Lessig's book, Free Culture, How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity which he's posted for free download on the internet here.

6. MobilePlay provides free PDA and other mobile device access to news, games, weather information, weblogs and more.

7. PodOmatic, the easiest place to create, find and send podcasts and videocasts, offers free services.

8. The whole blogging world can interview, podcast and vlog for free with Skype.

9. Stickam is a free, all-in-one multimedia tool.

10. Traffic Genius has assembled a monster link list of public domain content sources.


  1. I'm a Skyper!

    I haven't gotten into Podcasts yet. I'm scared of new technology. O.O

    Any recommendations? That would make a great top ten list, cool podcasts.

  2. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Findory does what EgoClip does, but for free and on the Web. You can add RSS feeds, import it to your web site, and even mess around with the API if you so inclined.


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