Thursday, January 05, 2006

Little More Richard

Just when a girl thinks Richard Chizmar is out of her novel listings, they pull him back in.

Maybe I should snitch Joe Konrath's idea and pitch the guy. I mean, imagine the great cover letter:

Dear Richard,

As you are already editing one of my novels in name only, perhaps you might consider reviewing my latest horror short story, Chizmarred. It's the tale of a multi-genre writer who no matter what she does cannot escape a nameless, determined force that is slyly altering her work. Will our heroine discover how to destroy the Byline Demon before it drives her mad and erases her identity from publishing altogether?

I would appreciate the chance to send the story along for your review. An acceptance would be wonderful, of course, plus it might also hold off the IRS from auditing you for unreported editing income. We all win!



  1. Just when you thought it was squared away. I can't believe you have any hair left (or maybe you don't...).

    You wouldn't think it would be this damn difficult.

  2. Maybe he is secretly a cockroach. You think he's gone after you squash him but then... another shows up!

  3. Wow, it's like a nightmare that keeps on giving! can't you get the publisher to help. Or maybe you could get some free press by turning in the story to the newspaper!

  4. Geez, that is ridiculous. Are you sure someone wasn't bribed to switch names? ;-)

  5. I'm with Bonnie. Free publicity! :)


  6. There's a short story in all of this.
    Are you sure he's not your long lost evil twin?


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