Monday, January 02, 2006

Gadgety Ten

Ten Things for the Gadget Lovers

1. offers a bunch of free clocks for your site.

2. Keep up with the latest gadgets over at

3. has a whole page of free flash and graphics gadgets/downloads here.

4. Aside from being a gorgeous blonde with a cartoony name, "America's Digital Goddess," Kim Komando, keeps an archive of some gadgety shareware here for Macs and Windows PCs.

5. PhotoGadget is a free tool dowload for easy resizing of images.

6. provides free forums and hosting for them.

7. has 23 free gadgets to spruce up your web site.

8. Find more gadget linkage over at's Website extras page.

9. Some of your free web site tools and gadget needs might be fulfilled at

10. has free open source forum software for site builders looking to host forums on their own servers.

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  1. Closing this page down fast before my dh sees it. *ggg*


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