Friday, September 23, 2005


Some of you might recall how rocked I was back in June by Dark Lover, the debut dark fantasy novel by J.R. Ward. Okay, I gushed, but I was seriously knocked on my butt by this book, and expected everyone else to be.

So you'll never guess who's been on the USAT BSL for three weeks, and is currently at #48?

Told you so, told you so.

P.S. There's more cool news about Dark Lover too, but I've got to check with the author first and see if I can spill the beans.


  1. I got this the other day, and so far it's awesome. I noticed your quote on the back, but I must confess I didn't buy it because of your quote, but because of the positive buzz on the lists. And the buzz seems to be right-- it is excellent thus far.

  2. I really enjoyed Dark Lover too. I would have picked it up without your comments, but reading about it here made me look harder for it! Such awesome new things, little perhaps, but very cool.

  3. Anonymous9:35 AM

    I actually picked this up due to your recommendation, and you were right. This book was terrific! Now, the next book in the series is on my most anticipated book list right along with Private Demon. :) At least I won't have to wait too long for that.

    Thanks, PBW, for gushing. :)

  4. See, here's the deal. I'm dying to read this book. And to this end, I'm itching to order it from Amazon. However, I'm semi-patiently waiting for the upcoming release of another book I'm dying to read *coughPrivateDemoncough* to add to my Amazon order to jack my total up toward that free shipping $25 threshold.

    So, yeah, I'm tapping my fingers. Impatiently.

  5. Okay, now I'm going to have to buy this book because all I hear is positive buzz. Thanks for the recommendation.

    By the way, a friend borrowed If Angels Burn and is now most upset that she has to wait so long for the next Darkyn novel!

  6. I bought this one last month and keep waiting for the perfect time to read it.

  7. I pre-ordered this from Amazon due to your earlier recommendation, but am waiting for some other books, too, so it hasn't arrived yet. From all accounts, this book is going to be great. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous2:21 PM

    after reading an exerpt on your site, I ordered it as soon as I was able. It is really excellent with a different slant. Thanks for letting us know about it. An unselfish act upon your part. If that embarasses you, ignore that comment.

  9. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Can't wait to read it -- have already ordered it online.

  10. I'm rocking the death knoll here: I didn't like it at all. I liked the effort the author put into creating a new world that didn't feel like a rip-off of LKH or SK or CF, but it was a bit too corny for me and the glimpses faux-ghettoness of got on my nerves. I guess I wasn't the target audience for this book.

  11. It's currently sitting in my TBR pile. I loved the opening paragraphs, but haven't read past the first page yet. Too busy writing.

  12. Anonymous2:32 AM

    This arrived yesterday. I bought it cause you recommended it than realised that it was by Jessica Bird who is on my autobuy list.

    So thanks for the suggestion I am really looking forward to this one.



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