Thursday, September 29, 2005

BS bloggers

For bestselling author, silly, not the other kind of BS. In publishing, of course, they have absolutely nothing to do with each other. And if you believe that, I have this bridge . . .

The latest heavy-hitter to join the blogosphere is Jayne Ann Krentz, aka Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle. She has comments enabled, too, the brave lady.

Go ahead, thank me for screwing up your blogroll.

Not much at Casa Krentz yet, and the best so far is her post explaining where all the alpha males have gone. Having read too many paranormals with sensitive, kind, apologetic vampire heroes, I can't agree. Then again, we probably have very different ideas of what alpha males are.


  1. Should be interesting : )

  2. I don't think there are many people out there writing straight alpha heroes. I can think of a few, but not many. As for vamps, nothing bugs me more than a vamp that wants to be human again.

  3. Some of mine might come close, but they're not in a Romantic Genre constellation.

    In case Alasdair O'Duibhne asks for negotiations, it'll be to get inside the castle in order to spy out the fortifications, free a prisoner or some such.

    My Gothic warrior Alamir carries a girl out of Rome. On horseback and all, though he let her sit in front of him and doesn't slump her across the saddle. ;)

    And Talorcan - well, there was a reason the Romans built the Hadrian's Wall. :)

  4. Hey PBW, thanks for screwing up my blogroll... ;-) I do like me some JAK from time to time though, so seriously, thank you. :-)

  5. I think I write Alphas. My home and hearth category CPs hate them, so I'm pretty sure they're Alphas.

    I began writing a Vampire epic, but a line from Spike (of Buffy/Joss fame) sent me down a whole other path and now I need a nother demon/meta human/immortal to go for.

    The line, (I'll have to paraphrase), 'We have a right to exist too'.

    Sounds simplistic, but it made me realise my plot could suit any outlandish 'other being' not just the traditional Vampire.


  6. She definitely makes an interesting point regarding dark paranormal and alpha males. While I've liked alpha male characters in romance... I take issue with the idea that he must be "tamed" by the heroine.

    IMO... a relationship where one person must change to suit the other is ... fake, in ways. Some might see the hero changing as a sacrifice, of sorts; a quality to admire. Having been in relationships where the other person expected me to change, though... it rubs me completely the wrong way.

    That said, it seems to be less common in dark paranormal. From what I've read, the heroines are usually also alphas--and rather than taming the hero, they accept him for who he is, as he is. Both change together because of their relationship, rather than him having to change for her, or vice versa. (And it's quite possible I was reading the wrong romances before... but I have to say, being a dark fiction geek, I'm very pleased with the current romance trends. ;)


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