Monday, September 19, 2005

Blog Ten

Ten Things for Your Weblog

1.'s Three Types of Blogging Platforms.

2. Also from, Free Blog Hosting Guide.

3. BlogDigger and BlogDigger Local.

4. Dave Briggs' post My 10 Thoughts on Successful Blogging -- let's not mention to Dave that even though I have it, I still don't know what the hell RSS feed is, okay?

5.'s Free CGI Scripts, Webmaster Resources, and Open Source Software page (found via The Way There.)

6. Flickr offers free accounts for photo uploads.

7. Journalist-minded bloggers can join MediaBloggers, a non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting MBA members and their blogs.

8. Dave Pollard's article How to Increase Your Readership -- many excellent ideas in this one.

9.'s Free Blog Software page.

10. Blogging about the day job? Read's article Blogs May Be a Wealth Hazard.


  1. Looks like a gold mine here. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you. Dave Pollard's article alone is going to give me plenty of material for study.

  3. Thanks, Sheila. Lots of good info here. :)



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