Friday, September 09, 2005

Help a Survivor

The first round of auctions to benefit writer & Katrina survivor Larissa Ione can be viewed here. You can also see a full list of what will be put up for bid at the auction central site,

I donated a manuscript critique, which isn't up for bid yet, but I'll post a link when it goes live. I think I might throw in something extra. Any suggestions as to what you all would find tempting? (Keep it clean; my mother is reading this now.)


  1. A character named after the winning bidder is always a popular one.


  2. I'm not well-known enough to donate a critique, but I donated a book and a Beanie Baby, as well as a few dollars.

    I like Alpaca's idea of naming a character for a bidder : )

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Hi PBW,

    We are back in San Antonio with my family and I am happy to report that our home took minimal damage. We lost 27 roofing shingles and the vent cover over our attic fan. Some rain came in making a lot of water marks on the ceiling, the fridge was beyond salvaging and had to be taken to the curb, but that's it for the house. We lost the fence in the back yard, big tree limbs down, but even damage in the yard is minimal.

    I am doubly happy to report that FoxFeathers survived the ordeal with minimal damage. A palm-sized section of the hull took a blow from a downed tree limb and will need to be repaired, but that's the worse of it. After a year of building, I'll have a sailboat after all.

    My wife's residency program is relocating to Baton Rouge for a few months. We will be temporarily sheltered on a cruise boat docked in Baton Rouge so she can work. The good news is that they won't charge us very much rent and eventually (January or so) Children’s Hospital in NOLA will be back up and running. We are giving a big sigh of relief that she still has a job and a paycheck and we don't have to relocate to another city for her to finish.

    Now that we are ok on a material basis as well as a life and limb basis, the stress is much lighter.

    Further updates will be posted to my blog comments section at

    THANK YOU so much to everyone that offered assistance. There are others that need it much more than we do. We will be ok, others have truly lost everything.

    -- F

  4. Anonymous2:34 AM

    George Bush Jr is doing the best he can and we should all support during this terrible crisis.

  5. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Anonymous wrote: George Bush Jr is doing the best he can and we should all support during this terrible crisis.

    FYI, this is not a political blog. If you're hoping to stir up easily-provoked people, you won't find them here.


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