Monday, September 12, 2005

Work it Ten

Ten Things for the Free Workshop/Crit Lovers

1. Forward Motion offers workshops, crit groups, discussion boards, challenges, and everything else a writer could want in a writing community, all for free.

2. Bernadette Geyer's article Honing Your Craft, Without Breaking the Bank or Leaving Your Chair -- terrific list of free audio workshop links.

3. To find a workshop or crit group in your area, check out Andrew Burt's CritFinder.

4. Grammer Slammer offers online self-help with topics such as style and usage, capitalizing, abbreviations, punctuation, letter writing and points out common mistakes.

5. SF/F writers can join a workshop via e-mail at

6. For the Platonic discourse junkies, all the Rhetoric and Composition you could ever want.

7. For those of you who have StoryWeaver or Dramatica software,'s free online workshops page looks like it's tied in with those (my REAL player is on strike at the moment.)

8. Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury also has a page offering a SF/F workshop via e-mail here.

9. One site I see popping up as recommended for young writers is Writer's BBS.

10. The Writing Lab at Purdue University got an upgrade, but you can find the old site with the handouts here.

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  1. Regarding Andrew Burt, besides terrific resources for critiquing, Critters is itself a great workshop [free]. I've been a member for two years. Just went inactive this week due to time constraints, but my time spent critiquing and being critiqued at Critters did wonders for my writing. Great bunch of folks over there!


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