Monday, December 13, 2004

Ten Things Under $10

Last minute shoppers, these I can personally guarantee as excellent, under $10 bargains:

1. His Nibs Palace's Chinese Excercise Balls -- (scroll down to see item listing) these work for any size hand, and they're a great gift for your favorite writer. $7.00.

2. Platinum Pen Store's Swirl Pens & Basket -- these are gorgeous, refillable ballpoint pens that twist to open. Five barrel designs, you receive two of each plus a basket in which to keep them. $9.99.

3. Also from Platinum, The Black Ice Fountain Pen & Rollerball Set -- a gorgeous pen set, and Platinum also throws in a year's supply of FP cartridges and a rollerball refill, all for $9.99.

4. Clouds by Pekka Parviainen -- This is a beautiful book; I love my copy and it's the one people pick up most when they're in my reading room. $8.95.

5. Piano Classics CD -- A sampler of some of the best classical music ever performed on piano, by Dame Moura Lymphany. A steal at $3.98.

6. Unforgettable Classics Glorious CD -- Another mind-blowing collection of classical music, performed by various artists. $9.98.

7. Barbie Glamor Surprise Doll -- I'm not a huge fan of Barbie, but this one isn't as obnoxious as some of the other models. The AOL outlet store is selling her for $9.99.

8. Make it yourself Movie Night Bowl -- Fill an inexpensive holiday bowl (we found decorated plastic ones at Walgreens for $1.99) with a box of microwave popcorn, a liter of Pepsi and a pre-viewed DVD movie purchased from BlockBuster Video (you can get these DVDs 3 for $25 if you watch for sales.) The kids and I make these every year for hard-to-shop-for people (like their Dad, who always loves it.)

9. Phone Time -- Purchased phone cards can be found at any grocery or drug store, you can mail them in a Christmas card and everyone appreciates them. $10.00.

10. Your favorite paperback novel from 2004. If you read a great book, why not share it by buying extra copies and handing it out to family and friends? You're also helping your favorite author's sales, which I assure you is a nice gift for us. Here is the novel I'm tucking into everyone's stocking this Christmas. $6.99.

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