Saturday, December 11, 2004


Writing is the most fun I have, and will probably ever have, outside of one other activity that is, alas, none of your business. :)

Seriously: writing should be fun. Why? Because without the enjoyment factor, being a writer is a very difficult, demanding, exacting, exhausting lonely job with lousy pay in which you have to deal with obnoxious people, regular disappointment, and frequent depression.

Still need some prodding? Blocked? Okay, here are some recent internet finds:

For you aspiring poets, Peter Howard has an online haiku/tanka generator that allows you to choose different vocabularies.

Catherine Tudor's Random Name Generator provides names for your male and female characters with a single click.

I have long been in love with Steven Savage's Seventh Sanctum, home to the most interesting generators on the net, like The What-If-inator and The Room/Location Generator. For those who want more of a challenge, there is The Writing Challenge Generator.

Tatyana Chiocchetti's GoldMind gratitude/inner activity journal is a guided journal that gives you a daily quote (not religious) and one-page writing challenge. I find it's been an excellent kick in the spiritual butt for me, especially when I've got a lot on my mind.

Now (puts hands on hips) I want you to have a wonderful time with writing today. Is that understood? Don't make me talk to you about this again.

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