Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Past Blasts

People regularly e-mail me looking for things they remember reading on my old weblog. Now that Blogger has this neat search-your-archive feature, here are

Ten Things People Always Want Links To

No-Brainer Fudge -- very rich, four ingredients, doesn't require a candy thermometer or much effort.

The Worst Gifts trilogy: Ten of the Worst Men Buy for Women, Ten of the Worst Women Buy for Men, and Ten Things You Should Never Give a Woman For Christmas -- these are pretty timeless.

For the Seasonally Depressed: Ten Reasons You Should Not Commit Suicide.

For Those Planning Their Writing Conference Schedule for 2005: Ten Signs You've Attended Too Many Writing Workshops.

The Widow Version 2.0

Writer Trick #7 on how to handle showing the passage of time and related details in your writing. I don't know why everyone loves this one so much.

Ten Quotes About Reviewers and Critics

Ten Last Minute Gifts Under $20 -- make sure you get a 2005 version if you go with the calendar.

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