Thursday, December 30, 2004


Although the hardcover edition of Bio Rescue did nicely over the summer, it collided with the paperback release of Blade Dancer. The Blade reprint hit the SF pb bestseller list, which definitely impacted my hardcover sales. This, and no mention of anything from the publisher, had me telling people that, far as I knew, Bio would probably not be coming out in paperback.

A reader promptly wrote back this morning to inform me that, in fact, the mass market edition is already on sale.*

I don't know why people ask me about the books. I mean, I only write them. Obviously that means I should be the last person to know.

All I can say is, sorry. Again. Thank God for my readers, or I'd never find out anything.

*With a release date that collides head-on with the hardcover release of Afterburn. Why am I not surprised?

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