Wednesday, December 01, 2004


November was an extremely productive month for me. On the novel writing front, I finished writing one book, wrote most of another one, both sold to major publishers. I started writing two other novels currently under contract as well. Final collective wordcount for the month was 184,675.

Short stories: I wrote three stories on the PDA while waiting in doctors' offices and at school for the kids. These are for fun, to keep my hand in, so I don't count them, but that was another 20,916. One I'm thinking about polishing and sending out when (cough) I find the spare time.

I also wrote and submitted five short devotionals for the 2006 inspirational anthology -- an invitational with a very tight deadline -- and turned those in last week. They're presently under editorial review, but I feel pretty confident about them. Total for these was 1,326, but I didn't count those because they're not officially sold yet either.

I have no idea how much I wrote for the PR release, web site related stuff, correspondence or the weblog. Whatever the wordcount equivalent for a ton is, maybe.

This month's goal is a bit easier; I only have 75K to write and I can take the rest of the year off. I hope to be done with that sometime between 12/10 - 12/15.

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