Monday, December 06, 2004

Ten Things from Readers Mail

1. "What's your real name?"

I can't remember. I think it was . . . Anastasia Something.

2. "Why do you write so many books?"

No one will let me play with explosives.

3. "Why aren't there any pictures of you anywhere?"

There are. Check out the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. I'm the one frolicking playfully in the surf.

4. "Are you and Holly Lisle the same person?"

No, we're two different people. Except when the quantum writer field converges, and then . . . never mind.

5. "Why don't you have booksignings?"

My chains don't stretch that far.

6. "Don't you think writing in so many genres is risky?"

Yes, which is why all my keyboards are reinforced with Kevlar.

7. "Who do you think you are?"

I don't think about myself that much.

8. "Why don't you read reviews of your books?"

The same reason I don't stick needles in my eyes.

9. "Where do you get your ideas?"

From the future; I'm psychic. I only pretend it's fiction so you don't freak out. You should go home and shut off that coffeemaker you left on, btw.

10. "When do you plan to retire?"

When I make twenty million dollars or George Clooney pops the question, whichever comes first.

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