Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Notes Limited

I'm a notebook addict; I use several notebooks every day, read and talk about notebooks online, and even collect interesting notebooks. My latest acquisition came via reading this post over on Notebook Stories about a European notebook maker who incorporates beautiful vintage papers as covers. I fell instantly in love, popped over to Notes Limited's web site and ordered one for myself, which just arrived:

It's a beautiful little notebook, and the vintage paper used to make the cover is almost as old as I am, yet looks pristine and new. The makers included a handy slip cover to help keep it tidy, and a little slip of paper with the edition number and info on the cover:

Definitely not cheap -- I think it worked out to about twelve dollars US -- but to me some things are worth a little extra $$$.


  1. Ooo, pretty! I'm a heathen when it comes to notebooks, though. Cheap and college-ruled spirals - preferably 5-subject for work and little-bitty for notes and stuff. I can't write in pretty things.

  2. I love beautiful notebooks, but I can't bring myself to use them. Most of my notes are transitory--much like my memory. :)


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