Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sub Op

Sorry I'm a bit late posting this morning -- I didn't like my scheduled post so I deleted it and had to come up with something more interesting. Which, in these days of Let Me Wheedle Money Out of You However I Can on the Internet, is a bit tough.

I did spot this interesting sub op over in the Paying Markets forum at AbsoluteWrite.Com:

"Speculate! (Submissions Open on 1 Feb 2016 )

Magic and mystery. Murder and mayhem. These are the things we want for Evil Girlfriend Media’s new Speculate! feature. Once a month, we will feature a dark speculative fiction story that embodies the EGM aesthetic. Editor: Jennifer Brozek.
2016 Theme:
Curiosity Killed the Cat. Someone gets curious about something and all sorts of chaos, madness, mayhem, and badness happens. (I.E. Who left me this note? What does this button do? Where are those cries for help coming from? Why do we sprinkle salt around the house once a month? How did she get there?)
Crunchy Bits:
1. Submissions open to original stories on February 1, 2016.
—> Submit to Subject heading of “Submission: Title”
—> Attach the stories in standard manuscript format as an RTF or DOC document.
—> Include name, word count, Paypal address, and postal address in the body of the email as well as in the story document.
2. Stories are to be 4000-7000 words in length. Query for longer.
3. Payment: $100.00 via Paypal.
4. Rights: First North American Rights. Website archives for 2 years. Possible inclusion in a Speculate! anthology with additional reprint payment.
5. One submission at a time. No simultaneous submissions. No reprints.
6. No pedophilia. Rape is not a plot point. No violence for violence’s sake. All horror must have a clear supernatural element to it.
Evil Girlfriend Media is committed to providing high quality, engaging, science fiction, fantasy, and horror that pushes stereotypes, gender biases, and standard tropes out the window to provide a truly entertaining experience for readers."

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