Tuesday, January 05, 2016

LT Early Reviewers

I just received a notice from Library Thing that my next free read for their Early Reviewers program will be 52 Small Changes for the Mind by Brett Blumenthal. Since I'm all about little changes to make things better, especially in the gray matter department, I'm quite pleased.

After joining the program in spring last year I received three ARCs, worth a little over $116.00, so this new venture has definitely helped my book budget. My book of the year for 2015 came to me this way, too, which I think is pretty cool. I think I'm having such good luck with it because I put my name in only for books I want to read (mostly nonfiction). While I'm not always selected to get a free copy, looking through the listings of available titles every month keeps me in the loop about what's being published in my favorite reference categories. If I really want something, but don't win the ARC, I jot down the title and order it through our public library.

It's not all about instant gratification -- the ARCs I've won often do take eight weeks to reach me -- but when the ARC does arrive it's like a mini Christmas. I don't have the budget to buy many new books anymore, and this takes some of the sting out of that. I appreciate the opportunity to help launch a great new book, too, and by reading and writing it up (which I do faithfully with each one I get) I feel like I also earn the free read. Anyway, I highly recommend joining LT's Early Reviewer program if you're a member, and would like to add some terrific books to your personal library.

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