Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sub Op

Timeless Tales magazine has an open call for short stories for their upcoming sixth issue: "Timeless Tales exclusively publishes retellings of fairy tales and myths. We only accept submissions that are retellings of the fairytale or myth listed as our theme. We don't accept original fairy tales or stories outside of our current theme.

These are the known upcoming themes:
#6. Psyche and Cupid (Submission window Jan 25, 2016 - Feb 25, 2016) -- NEW: Now accepting poetry!
#7. TBD (usually decided by a poll, so subscribe to our newsletter if you want to vote).

Additional Rules:

Length: Up to 2,000 words. Under 1,500 preferred.

Genres: As of 2016, we are now accepting poetry! In general, please be creative! We love to see modernizations, sci-fi retellings, prequels, continuations, mash-ups, etc. Just no eroticism, please (see Content section).

Formatting: Please put your story's title and the author's name in the file name of your submission. Example: "Pandora's Choice by Zeus Smith.doc". Too often, we'll get a ton of submisions all labled "Pandoras Box.doc" and it makes it harder to keep track of them.

Content: While Timeless Tales is not targeted specifically at children, it is a fairly conservative magazine, especially when it comes to language and sexual content, so I intend to keep the stories in the PG-13 range or below. However, I have a deep appreciation for the darker side of many original fairy tales, so don’t assume I only want “happy” stories.

Pay Rate: As of 2016, we have slightly raised our rates. We now pay a flat rate of $20 per piece accepted--both poetry and fiction. You'll also get a free year of our audio narrations (usually reserved for our patrons).

1. We do NOT accept multiple submissions.

2. We DO accept reprints as long as the author has the rights to the story. But please include in your cover letter the details of where and when the story was previously published.

3. We DO accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us by email immediately if your story has been accepted elsewhere."

For more information, check out the submission guidelines page.

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