Tuesday, October 07, 2014


The winner of the #576 giveaway is:

Battlekitty (aka Tami), who wrote:

I inherited some antique furniture from my great-grandmother and her sister, my great-great aunt. Two wonderful ladies, who after their husband died, moved in with each other. Even after they had to be put into nursing care, they lived in a room together. Anyway, my great-grandmother left us first, then a few years later, my aunt. My father went to North Carolina and began to clean out the old brownstone that was still owned, but vacant. Had lots of furniture still in it. I chose a desk made by handmade by their father, my great-great grandfather. Several draws and the top folds down and lots of nooks and crannies for papers. In one of the small drawers, I found an old bank register from the 1920's, prior to the big crash. It was my aunt's and she had beautiful writing. I also found an old business letter and the way words were used almost 100 years ago is so different and formal than our way of writing and speaking now. Truly a neat find for me and a surprise for my dad when I showed him what I found. I also got a few other pieces of furniture and a Lane cedar Hope Chest with the tags still on it from World War II era! It even talks about buying war bonds! I love history.

Personal history mysteries are wonderful, aren't they? Thanks for sharing your story (and same goes for all of you who posted your own discoveries.)

Tami, when you have a chance please send your ship-to address along with the title of which of my books you'd like, and I'll get that and #576 in the mail to you (and if you want to tell us what you find inside the box, it would be icing on the cake! Ha.) My thanks to everyone for joining in.


  1. Lynn,
    Aww, you are wonderful! Thank you so much. Will send my address today. Take care and thank you again!

  2. Tami...yes please! Let us know what was in #576... ;D

  3. Well done, Tami. We'll all be on tenterhooks until you tell us what's in the box!


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