Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A Month Away

In four weeks National Novel Writing Month begins, and writers around the world will begin work on their novels. To win NaNoWriMo you must write at least 50,000 words in thirty days, and some folks make a competition out of who can get it done fastest, but there are no prizes for speed, and the only person you really compete with is yourself. There are no educational or experience requirements involved, so anyone can join in. Also, you don't have to write every day; no one tells you what to write and you don't even have to tell anyone that you're participating if you don't want. All of this makes NaNoWriMo the most user-friendly writing event on the planet.

Later on in the month I'll write up some pep talks, resource lists, idea discussions and the usual PBW/NaNo pom pom posts, but this week I just wanted to have some fun. So I pulled some of my summer vacation pics to make up some new NaNoWriMo blog badges (and click on any of the three to go to a larger version on Photobucket):

If you want to use any or all of my 2014 badges, please do -- or have some fun and make up your own.

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  1. Sure hope I can do it this year… have to finish the one I'm working on first, though.


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