Sunday, October 12, 2014

Charting Your Colors

Writer Ingrid Sundberg has an interesting post here on some visual thesaurus charts she created to help people who have problems coming up with interesting color words.

Here's a screenshot of one of her charts:

I do something similar with my color reference notebook, although mine is less chart-worthy and more like a diary crossed with a backlist bible. I think color and how creative people describe it does tend to be very personal, so if you have your own ideas about how to create a color reference chart or book, definitely go for it. Or borrow Ingrid's and make up charts with your own descriptive word preferences.

(Article link swiped from Gerard at The Presurfer)

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  1. this is wonderful. I use color reference a lot and uh, you start running out of ways to describe blood, and seas, and grey skies and blues....


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