Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Final Cover & NaNoStuff

Since Photobucket has decided to stop hating me, here is the final cover art for In the Leaves, my Just Write Thursday story:

Obviously it's not one of the three I showed you last month, but after a lot more waffling I hunted through some more stock photo sites. As soon as I saw this pic it just felt right for me and the story. My thanks to Maria Zannini for sending me to, where I found it.

While I'm into pic posting, here are the official 2014 NaNoWriMo badges (and click on any image to go to my Photobucket link):

And for those who liked my own designs, once more here are PBW's Unofficial NaNo Badges:

The new NaNo website has also listed this year's sponsor offers for participants here, and some of them are pretty neat, so do check it out when you have a chance.

Image credit for In the Leaves cover: massonforstock


  1. I love your NaNo badges! I'm just a supporter this year, but I'm pleased with the badge. :-)

  2. Great cover for In the Leaves...

  3. I'm glad you found one you liked! There are dozens of art libraries out there. It's having to browse through them that's time consuming.

  4. Yes I like that picture too. The gloves really sell it.

  5. I'm grateful you discovered one you liked! There are a multitude of art collections out there. It's having to surf through them that's difficult. Clara Bush


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