Thursday, January 17, 2013

Your Dream Franchise

Seeing that pic of StarDocs Coffee yesterday made me think of how I'd franchise my novels into businesses if the opportunity ever arose. I can't really see a chain of java joints in my future -- not really my thing -- but I wouldn't mind lending my brand to a couple of Lynn Viehl book shops. I could have fun designing a Dark Need goth tea room franchise, too, only they probably wouldn't let me decorate the places in black and red. Rats.

Evermore the theme park might work, if I could convince the cast of Full Metal Jousting to staff it and they'd let me live there. Or maybe some Kelly's quilt shops might be fun (assuming quilting ever comes back as a needlework trend.) StarDoc would only work for me as the name of a free medical clinic franchise, which no one would want to run because there's no money in it, so that's off the table.

I know: PBW retreats. Affordable and comfortable beach cottages where writers or readers can spend a couple of weeks working in peace ad solitude. Full prestocked with all the tech, books and supplies they need. Sun, sand, sea and stories . . . yep, that would be my dream franchise.

What would be your dream franchise using your titles, your name or any of your favorite things? Let us know in comments.


  1. Anne V.12:19 AM

    Your dream franchise sounds a lot like our yearly writer's retreat! Comfy cabins, relaxing place for beach though. We're in mountain desert. ^_^

  2. Fran K4:05 AM

    Wow complex question for 8am! I like the coffee shop idea but I'd want an old fashioned tea shop instead, offering traditional high teas in the afternoon, along with the coffee & danish in the mornings. I'd want it to be inside a magnificant book store, like Barter Books which I visited after seeing the video about it on your blog, so you could pick up a book & decide at your leisure whether you wanted to buy it. I'd have brand new and second hand books, and in my dream world there would be no hurry and people would stop to discuss their selections and offer recommendations to other customers in a friendly way. I'd have rare first editions, hardbacks, paperbacks and e-book stations. The books would be fiction, non fiction and reference books too. I'd have tablet stations as well so people could access the database and find what they're looking for easily. There would be comfy seating areas and roaring fires.. Ooops, I'm getting carried away here in Fransworld - sorry. You get the picture though, don't you?

  3. In one of my books, I have a place called the Half-Moon Club. I would love to create a real one somewhere. A basement club decorated in blues, purples, black and silver...

  4. I like the sound of Fran's tea room. I'd like to have a no-kill cat shelter called Sofie's Place.

  5. I think you could probably cross the book shop and the goth tea shop ideas, locate it in Portland, and nobody would bat an eyelash. If there isn't already one there.


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