Thursday, January 24, 2013

Covered & Free Read

New and lovely cover art for the LYX German edition of my first Kyndred novel Shadowlight. This one will be released in September.

For those of you who enjoy great writing on the darker side of fantasy, author Kris Reisz has released his short story collection Quiet Haunts and Other Stories for free on Smashwords.


  1. Fran K4:14 AM

    That's a lovely cover but I prefer the one we Brits got, which has the torso of a very fine young man with a figure of 8 tattoo! One of the best, and free, pleasures in life is admiring eye candy.

    I find it fascinating the way each country has different covers. I wonder what this says about us? When you pick up books second hand from ebay or other online retailers you don't always know what you're getting so you get an eclectic mix on your bookshelves. You also get different size books too as there are paperbacks, mass market paperbacks, hardbacks etc. I've got more bumps and hills on my bookshelves that the Rockies!

    Sorry I'm rambling again. I think I'll go get that free read, thanks for the tip. . .

  2. It is a beautiful cover.

    Thanks for the tip on the short story.

  3. That's a lovely cover! Quite stunning.


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