Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Free Your Fonts

Please note as of 01/15/14: Google has been giving Urban Fonts's web master some unnecessary grief over the links in this post, all of which I personally researched and placed. To help him out I am deleting all of the links embedded in this post, so as of now none of them will work where mentioned. The text of the original post, however, with all the links intact, can still be found here over on my Google Docs Library at this URL:


UrbanFonts.com touts its collection of over 8,000 freeware fonts as amazing, so while looking for a promo style for Disenchanted & Company I decided to test drive an install and see how it worked. First I found a font in the free section that I thought was unusual and exceptional, Celtasmigoria by Sorcerer (to get a better view, click on the image to go to the site page for this font):

I clicked download, and the following screen came up:

From there I clicked Install, and like magic the font was added to my system, which allowed me to select and type with it in Word:

While it doesn't really suit my D&C project, this particular font would work as inspiration for a Celtic embroidery project a friend of mine is working on; the pictoral art of the capital letters is perfect for her needlework. I imagine you indie authors and webmasters can probably find some neat free fonts at this site to use in your cover art and site designs. Note: if you do want to use any free font for a commercial project you should always a) let the font designer know first and b) give the designer proper credit and linkage.

Here are links to other free fonts at the site that I've used or thought were very cool:

A Lolita Scorned
a picture alphabet
And then some
bulky Refuse
Old Copperfield
Sanford Book


  1. I could spend all day at this site. Thanks...I think.

  2. Fran K4:10 AM

    Oh this was fun and I didn't expect it to be. Of your picks, I liked Adrenwood, Floralis, Mael and Yataghan. Then I decided to have a quick look around and 20 minutes later realised I should really get back to work .. I loved "A Ripping Yarn" and think I'm going to download that and "Empire State" along with one that looked like pacman on my laptop when I get home tonight. I couldn't find the Star Trek font, but will have another look later as I really really should put in some time on actual work today - huh!


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