Monday, June 11, 2012

Hang Me Ten

Ten Things I Made Into a Slideshow
(because no one will believe this without proof)


  1. Ah. Okay. she looks kinda sly and pleased with herself in that last pic.

  2. Oh my. Thank God I wasn't drinking anything, I'd need a new keyboard.

    I wonder if they pass down favorite nesting spots to their offspring?

  3. Wow, three times is just being mean!

  4. Awww. Look at that sweet little face! Of course you have to let her squat in your planter. And hey, compared to the herd of deer I have chomping through my life, I'd take that wee bird any day!

    Thanks for the morning laugh I got from your slideshow...too funny.

  5. I'm with Shiloh. That bird looks downright smug.

  6. There is something so wrong with that bird! Woot for Cranky blooms.


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