Monday, June 25, 2012

Off to Hunker Down

Debby is shaping up to be our first tropical storm of the 2012 season, so we're shutting down all the computers and devices and otherwise getting things ready here. We don't expect much more than some flooding and power outtages, but our region will likely remain under a tornado watch until it passes. I'll check in when I can. NOAA's latest advisory on Tropical Storm Debby can be found here.

Image Credit: NOAA/National Hurricane Center


  1. Stay safe out there, Lynn. And send some water up here. It's flooding in FL but we're bursting into flames in CO.

  2. Yipes. Keep your head down and stay safe. Let us know you're okay when you can!

  3. Know this isn't your first rodeo re preparing for a tropical storm/hurricane/tornado, but prayers are with you and yours re being safe!

    And, truth be told, here in Texas we're a little bit jealous that Debby has chosen Florida over the Lone Star State. Not that we want damage and flooding and no electricity (or power surges) but geez, could we use some of that rain. Seriously. Seriously jealous. Especially the local TV weather casters, they are very depressed about this.

    Have a great week! (And cool image, BTW)

  4. Be safe, we'll pray!

  5. Stay safe! Praying for your family.


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