Friday, June 15, 2012

Network Your Notebook

I'm off again taking care of some work stuff. In the meantime, while hunting around for any online alternatives for the novel notebook, I found this freeware:

Piggydb is "a Web notebook application that provides you with a platform to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively. With Piggydb, you can create highly structural knowledge by connecting knowledge fragments to each other to build a network structure, which is more flexible and expressive than a tree structure. Fragments can also be classified with hierarchical tags. Piggydb does not aim to be an input-and-search database application. It aims to be a platform that encourages you to organize your knowledge continuously to discover new ideas or concepts, and moreover enrich your creativity" (OS: Multi-platform, requires Java Runtime Environment.)

I'm going to test drive it when I have a chance and I'll report back on how it works for me. If you collaborate online with a writing or creative partner, and need to build a novel notebook or series bible, this freeware might be particularly useful.


  1. can't comment about this, but I tried that online editor thing, smartedit you posted a few days back? pretty handy.

  2. I'm not sure if you've tried Evernote ( yet, but I thought I bring it up in case you haven't. It's a great way to organize your notes online with notebooks and stacks. You can create a stack with your novel title, then include notebooks for characters, setting notes, plot line, research and any other "sections" you want to include. Then fill up your notebooks with notes.

    Or you can go as simple as one notebook for each novel and just include all the related notes into that notebook. Evernote has a great search feature that will search for whatever your looking for in all your notes or in a particular notebook.

    Either way, it's a great program for organizing a novel notebook. Add on the option to share an individual notebook (like maybe your novel notebook template) with other Evernote users and/or the general public and this might be something you want look into.

    Plus, Evernote synchs with all your computers, and your smart phone which makes it easy to access all your notes if you find yourself out of WiFi range.

    It can be also used for business and personal notes, as well. You can have as many notebooks as you want.

    I know, I sound like a commercial here. :) But I'm not affiliated with Evernote, I just really love the program!


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