Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hate, Write, Love

While we were at the mall last night, I went to visit my new book, which is out on the shelves a week early. Half the copies the store ordered were already gone; something I consider a good omen. Love seeing my latest book in the stores for the first time; it's always a thrill.

This week I'm finishing up Kyndred #4, Nightshine, in between running here and there for graduation stuff. I just realized this will be the fourth book I've written this year and I think my batteries need a serious recharge. Aside from the manuscript I have two more awards ceremonies and finals week to get through and I'm scared I'll forget something so I've got alarm reminders set for every morning. My old stove finally died and I'm gradually learning how the new one cooks. Jak has a nasty respiratory infection but he won't take the medicine to clear it up. Or, rather, he takes it and then returns it almost immediately, usually on a carpeted area. I need a haircut (badly.) Last night at 2 a.m. I tried to do my nails for the first time in years, and this morning it shows. I hate being behind on everything, so I write a little more each day to channel my frustration.

When I saw my dad a couple of weeks ago (Dreamveil is dedicated to him) I gave him a copy, but I had to read the dedication to him. Because he's dyslexic he's never been a great reader, but his Alzheimer's has stolen what little he could manage from him. Still, the week before that he answered the phone and didn't know who I was, so I considered it an excellent moment. Love my dad.

This weekend I have to buy a decent outfit to wear to my kid's graduation as they frown on parents in jeans and T-shirts. All I have in the closet now are jeans and T-shirts. I hate shopping so much I seriously considered borrowing a dress from a more fashionable friend. Since sneakers and flip flops aren't exactly dress-friendly I'd still have to buy new shoes. I need a personal shopper. I need a wife. Note to self: add pantyhose to the list. I'm going to write a sonnet tonight about how much I really hate pantyhose.

I have almost everything I need for my next giveaway, and last night I found a great tote to put it all in for 50% off. It looks beachy but it's not beach-only, so the winner should get plenty of use out of it and yes, I worry about such things. Found a fun, well-written YA duology I want to tell everyone about and I have to write up that post, too -- but I have to finish reading the second book first. Book will have to go in the purse and run around with me while I finish up the giveaway stuff. And then there's the other big release-week surprise I have for everyone. I love surprises.

Proposals for the next contract pitch are next on the schedule. My series plan for the Kyndred novels is open-ended, which helps, but I don't have a feel yet for how this series is going to perform. Everyone is on book two, I'm on book four, and anything can happen. So I walk around all day wondering if I should pitch two more books, one book and one with something new, or other? Or do I wait for them to tell me what they want, which is what usually happens at the very last minute and and means more plan changing, which I hate. One way to cover all bases would be to put together at least three different sets of proposals. I don't mind writing them, and that way I'll be prepared.

I have an entire year to write the next book under another contract, so for the first time in ten years I think I'm going to take the entire year to write it -- with a quota of 232 words per day. I probably write more than that for a PBW blog post; it'll be like a writing vacation. I love giving myself more time to play with story.

My back hurts. Some kids toilet-papered one of our trees out front (one of the joys of graduation week, I assume) and I spend half an hour each day picking up the pieces that fall onto the grass. There's still toilet paper in the top of the tree, which I can't reach, and I can't climb the tree, which is driving me nuts. This is the busiest time of year for my guy at work, so he hasn't dealt with it yet. But I can't let it blow all over the neighborhood, so I'm out there every day picking up the pieces. Who invented this prank? I'd really like to know so I can give them a good talking-to. And then I think, Lord, I'm turning into that grouchy old lady I swore I'd never be, and hate myself for behaving like one. Maybe I'll kill off my grumpy self in the next book -- or toilet paper some teenager's trees.

In another month it will summer, my favorite time of year. The economy seems to be recovering a little, and things are gradually getting better for my family and friends. Writer friends are starting to sell again in promising new markets. The next generation of writers are among the most talented I've seen in years; going to the bookstore is a pleasure. I have the best job in the world, and I still remember to be grateful for it every day I sit down at this computer. And when I do, and when I write, the things I complain about fade away, and all I'm left with is the joy.

I am reasonably healthy, gainfully employed, and definitely blessed. I am a writer. What's not to love?


  1. Sounds like you have a blessed life.

  2. A whole year to write a book. Ahhhhhhh. Enjoy that. Things are improving all over, thank God. And why is your book out early everywhere but here? I'm getting my hands on it if I have to drive to Ann Arbor.

  3. After we get through all the 'stuff' in life and still can see and feel the Joy....we are living well.

    I have a graduation to go to also....and only jeans to wear...I hate dad was dyslexic and had dementia- he is now passed...I am a writer who is not an author(yet) but am happy I can write....the economy is getting better...I have a place to live, food on the table, and am healthy for the most part. My family is OK and my neighborhood is safe.

    Long comment, yes but I wanted to let you know...even though you cannot see me...I am beside you. Maybe that is why it all seems lighter...we help each other...:)

    Be well and Namaste..Debra

  4. Well, crikey, P.! What a blog!! My comments:

    I'm guessing Dreamveil won't be available for a couple weeks here in Aus, but I'm looking forward to it. No comment on children, since I don't have any. My dad died from an Alzheimer related stroke and all I can say is: be patient and love them (no matter how much it hurts).

    So tell me again why jeans and a witty t-shirt aren't acceptable? Ditto on the pantyhose (who thought they were a good idea?) As for pitching more books, while that's an excellent idea for fans, I'm wondering whether you remember a few years ago when you pitched... how many? And all were accepted. Remember the stress?

    Oh, and finally, remember toilet paper is biodegradable. It will turn to mulch soon enough.

  5. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Thanks for the post -- I feel joy too. Have a great weekend.

  6. Our "toilet paper home improvement" comes in the autumn with High School Homecoming. I'm too old to climb the trees so I've taken the middle path and just use the garden hose with a high pressured attachment to "shoot down" the decorations in the tops of the trees... I don't get it all, but it definitely easier than risking breaking my body from a fall...

    Enjoy your blessed weekend!

  7. I feel like a stranger in a strange land. It seems like it's been ages since I've had the chance to really comment here and I've missed you. I understand though what you've been going through and to have a whole year now to write just one book, to have a bit of a life back...bliss! You must be ecstatic. :o)

    The big problem with toilet paper is when it rains, the paper turns to something akin to a thin pasteboard and seems like it takes years to fall out of your trees. Been there. *sigh* A definite PITA though the kids don't think that far in advance.

    And an aside to Charlene, you can't be too far from me if you're willing to drive to AA to get a book! :o)

  8. If the First Lady doesn't have to wear hose, you don't either. Of course, I live in Georgia where it's too bloody hot for the blessed things, but I'm 45 years old and haven't worn them in ten years. That four books in a year thing will really burn your circuits. I did that last year and am still recovering. I'm aiming for three this year and am just now finishing the first one. Fortunately a couple of those are books that I've had for a while and am nearly finished with anyway.

  9. Lynn, you are one lucky woman. :-)


  10. Long skirt + knee highs. No one will ever know. I wore my Punjabi outfits to my niece and nephews graduations. I didn't care what everyone thought! They are the most comfortable things to wear, plus you don't need pantyhose!

    I know you've worked hard on those four books and just want to tell you that we really appreciate it.

    Now, go sit with the family and relax! Have a good weekend

  11. Nightmusic, according to Google, we're about an hour apart. I will not publish my location for fear of toilet paper brigades but I love the farmer's market and Zingerman's. So it's not exactly suffering to go to AA for a book. *ggg*

  12. Four books in less that 6 months, or even 12 months if that's what you mean... WOW. I am in awe.
    Congratulations to your graduate. Graduations here in AZ are very casual. By the end of May, Summer is here and usually HOT. So shorts and tanks are the only way to go.
    Have a great holiday weekend.

  13. Who has time/money for a personal shopper? I hate to shop for clothes! Good stores carefully dress their mannequins, right down to the shoes. If I have to dress well for an event, I just copy the mannequin. I buy everything the mannequin is wearing, accessories and all. I may not look original when I go out, but I look well-dressed and pulled-together, and that's really all I want.

  14. It's already been mentioned, but I think it's safe to skip the hose, especially if you go long with the skirt., even though I already knew I was half way done with book 2 of my RS triology, it just now dawned on me-I'm now halfway done with this particular contract. Hot damn. It's not due until January, either. Yikes.

    Hooray for finishing early...

  15. Charlene, if you ever want to get together for coffee, let me know. I'd love to do that!

    And YAY! Dreamveil just shipped *does happy dance*

  16. Every woman needs a wife.
    I hate to shop.
    I love summer.

  17. I love, love, love this post. I'm playing catch up with google reader, and I think this is my favorite out of about 200 read.


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