Sunday, May 16, 2010

For Fun

What do Amsterdam Yellow, Bridal Strawberry, French Haze, Harvest Swirl, Lily Shadow, Sea Sunrise, Timeless Emerald and Warm Magic have in common? They're all evocative color names randomly generated by Serendipity's Color Name Generator.

If you need to create fictional ABCs and aren't sure how to start, check out's On Creating Fantasy Alphabets.

Register with Malinche Entertainment and they'll give you a free Interactive Fiction eBook entitled Azteca. They also have another page offering lots more free stuff.

He's a raging vampire. She's an eater of souls with bad debts. But he is under a spell. Will they find love? Want another plot like this? Test drive The Paranormal Romance Plot Generator.

Passionfruit Games is offering a free demo version of Marjorie M. Liu's Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box for download here.


  1. oh holy hell... that paranormal romance plot generator is calling my name.

  2. I'm with you, Shiloh. That was the first thing I clicked on. Not that I need any other distractions, since I seem to make my own, but this one might just prove to be useful :D

  3. Plot generators are always evil fun for me, but especially the romance variety -- I can usually name a published book that matches whatever love story is generated. :)

  4. Oh that plot generator is full of awesome!


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