Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We're finally back online here at Casa PBW, which is good, because much has happened since last I blogged, such as:

My youngest has started driving, and she's doing very well. When I'm not sobbing into a damp Kleenex while I look through her baby picture albums, I'm being brave. Sort of. Do you think everyone else on the road would stop driving for a couple months if I asked nicely?

Stubborn Thing's eggs hatched, and she had twins. We've named them Benazir and Ernesto. No one has fallen off the edge or made a peep, but Mom and Dad are both very watchful and rarely leave the babies alone for more than a few minutes. Which is when I watch them.

I finished and turned in the manuscript for After Midnight, my May 2011 release and the first book in my new trilogy (more details on this once I've talked more about it with my new editor.)

For those of you who are participating in Coyote Con, I've also posted my answers to the Q&A on SFR.

So what's up with you guys? Anyone have any news to share? Let me know in comments.


  1. No leap of faith is bigger than letting your child on the road for the first time. I routinely cover the gray hair it still causes.


    *sigh* Okay, maintaining now...

    You were busy! And no, you can't tell everyone else not to drive while your DD is. I know. I tried. They don't listen. ;)

  3. Yay, you're back! I was going into PBW withdrawal. Cheers for your driving daughter and the book delivered.

    Not much new here. I've got a garden ready to plant my starters into, and the Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance on shelves today, woo.

  4. Pretty interesting stuff.

  5. Aw, well congrats to your daughter... obtaining the ability to drive solo marks a huge turning point for any teen!

    Aww, congrats to Stubborn Thing! You take nice photos (if I haven't told you already) by the way. :) Very sharp and crystal clear.

    Hurray for After Midnight!! That is REALLY exciting. :)



  6. Hey...you're back!!! I was about to send out a search and rescue party....

    News? Yes, I have news... going to be an antho with a couple of friends-they invited me into this one and we're having some fun with the ideas.

    Driving-your baby is driving-I have even more traumatic news. I just had the stunning revelation that my child will turn 13 in the year 2012. Perhaps there is something to those doomsday prophecies....

  7. You're back! Yay!

    Ack, I hear you on the student driver thing. Mine's got until October to rack up the hours and then she gets her license. :gasp:

  8. I'm glad you're back!

    I do have news to share. I've sold my first book! I have! LSB is publishing my paranormal romance Beauty and the Bastard. And I can still hardly believe it's finally happening. :)


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