Monday, May 24, 2010

Gen Ten

Ten Generators I Love From Chaotic

One thing you can learn while playing with The Civilization Generator is how to put together a synopsis of a fictional civilization and work from that as your foundation; this gen gives you a brief but very effective outline every time.

The Crowd Generator helps you generate 1-15 interesting individuals as characters.

Input text, choose a letter replacement option (or create your own custom alphabet switch) and get a new language from The Language Mixer.

The Medieval Game Generator offers such tantalizing archane fictional pasttimes as Books and Vipers, Rebels and Rubies and Quills and Moons (as well an option for some game requirement details if you don't want to make them up yourself.)

Defiance from Destiny ~ Perseverance is Vengeance ~ Trickery and Tranquility: three reasons I adore The Motto Generator

The Name Jumbler takes whatever name you feed it, juggles the letters and offers up a list of new names.

Like the Name Jumbler, The Name Mixer takes whatever name you feed it and offers a list of new names; the only difference it that this one uses the alphabets from the Language Mixer and some random letter replacements for the results (less chaotic, more logical.)

Seers hoping to be blessed with strength must offer a gift of bronze at a crossroads under a quarter moon on the spring equinox -- or try another result from The Ritual Generator.

You just never know when you'll need a Nuclear Macerar (NM-157), a Phantom Sniper (PS-116) or a Cargo Qualete (CQ-154), so do stop by and take The Spaceship Generator for a spin.

The Superstition Generator is not just good for coming up with fictional folksy warnings, it can spark story ideas too (one that captivated me: Don't make a wish in a grove of rowan trees during a storm.)


  1. Perseverance is vengeance! Great motto. Must play with these.

  2. I think this is one of my favourite 10 ten gen lists you've put together. Commence bookmarking!

  3. Jenna Reynolds12:34 PM

    This is just what I've needed for my world-building. Thanks so much!

  4. *snerk* My favorite superstition?

    Encountering a coyote after suset is an omen of a faux pas.

    How ironic. And so catchy!

  5. I'm so glad you like my generators! I'm always really happy to find out that people are using them to make cool things. Thank you!

    By the way, if there's anything you think I'm missing, drop me a line. A lot of my favourite generators come from suggestions. I can't make everything people want, but I do make a lot of them. (The spaceship gen was based almost entirely off a fan's suggestion.)


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