Saturday, January 02, 2010

Define Yourself

Five Questions About Branding

All About Me: Tomorrow you'll write your autobiography (or someone else will write a biography) with a focus on your writing life. What's the title?

If I write it, Cacoëthes Scribendi (read the poem on

If someone else writes it, That @$!&#* *&$!@# @*&%$#!

Catalyst: Your writing triggers a new literary movement. What will it be called?

The Unmoved

Symbolic: Your marketing department asks your for something animal, vegetable or mineral that they can convert into a logo and put on all your books. What do you choose?

What else? Cheetah

Tag Phrase: A book buyer wants a brief tag phrase to identify you in their catalogue (i.e. Stephen King is frequently touted as "Master of Horror".) How do you tag yourself?

Jill of All Genres. Ha. No, probably stick with Paperback Writer.

There Can Be Only One: Your publisher asks for one word to define all your writing work. What's your word?

Amaranthine (only because they probably wouldn't let me use αμαράντινος)

Now it's your turn to define yourself: what are your answers to the questions? Tell us in comments.

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  1. 1. "Shouldn't you be writing a book?" (This is what my husband always says when I ask him questions like, "What if everybody in this town was an alien and nobody knew it?")

    2. Honest writing

    3. I don't think it's been proven to exist or what it'd look like, but I think Naked Charm (the particle) would be fun. This is why nobody puts me in charge of logos.

    4. No clue. Moving on.

    5. The word would be: finished.

  2. Alas, I'm not published yet, so I have no 'brand' right now. But I like yours! :)

  3. Bio title: Pen and Sword

    Catalyst: movement will be called "Neo Pulp"

    Symbol: A sword

    Tag Phrase: Master of cold steel

    There can be only one: Heir to Howard

  4. (1) If I write it: "A Life Of Letters" / If someone else writes it: "Case Study Of An Obsessive Compulsive Narcissistic Paper Packrat"

    (2) Expediency

    (3) A Tree (reference to my poem ‘Ode To A Tree’: " a novel taken from your heart...")

    (4) Writer of Blue Collar Mysteries

    (5) Engaging

  5. 1. If I wrote it "Diary of a Redneck Romance Writer". If someone else wrote it "Genre Hopping: Jill of all trades, master of none."

    2. New Movement F Bomb Writing

    3. Logo: Benitoite (as found here.

    4. I like The Redneck Romance Writer.

    5. Otherworldly? Maybe.


  6. If I was writing it: Keyboard Killer.

    Someone else: No Warnings.

    Literary movement: Clue Seekers.

    Symbol. Symbol? Um... symbol... a mask.

    Tag phrase... jeez... What lies beneath, isn't what you think.

    There can be only one: secret

    Cacoëthes Scribendi... very appropriate.

  7. Book Title: Stand Up Comedy, Sit Down Horror.

    Literary movement: Monster POV Comedy Horror

    Symbol: Tough one... A mule maybe?

    Tag phrase: Fully logical. For believers in monsters, that is.

    Single word: Strange I guess is a fitting description. As is different. However, if you can use rollercoaster as an adjective, that is what I want to have. Funny AND horrifying, at the same time. And if you are laughing hyterically while crying after the ride - that is my goal for writing what I write!

  8. This was insanely difficult and I'm not completely happy with my choices, but the questions really made me think. Thank you for that.

    Autobiography title:

    Wind Beneath my Wings (yeah, I know, cliche city. . .)

    Literary Movement:

    Follow the story



    Tag Phrase:

    Writing about the power of trust over evil since 2003.

    One word:

    optimistic (This isn't quite right, but I can't think of anything else right now)

  9. All About Me: I'm (relatively) young at 21, so it'd be a short book... we'll just say "How the Dream Starts."

    Catalyst: That's a toughie. We'll go with "Neo-allegorical."

    Symbolic: I think I'd feel obligated to pick a Sandrock for the logo :).

    Tag Phrase: The Dream Chronicler

    There Can Be Only One: Hopeful

    I was happy because I found myself able to read amaranthine in Greek :). Do you have any background in Greek, or is that just a word you picked up along the way?


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