Friday, December 04, 2009

Gen Ten

Ten Things Generated by Online Generators

Chronology of Industrial Zoology ~ Cultural Zoology ~ Industrial Engineering ~ Industrial Studies ~ National Remedial Engineering ~ Popular Experimental Politics ~ Practical Arts ~ Scientific Mathematics ~ Theoretical Chemistry ~ Theoretical Cultural Academics (Seventh Sanctum's Academic Realm Generator)

HyperFive Sound Effects ~ Siebencordings Operators ~ EnerCinco Interactive ~ 5strax ~ Pitchcordings Corp. ~ HuitAcht Recordings ~ 2record Factory ~ Unophonic Factory ~ E-AudSei Corporation ~ Sonsample Games (Namator's Company Names Generator)

The protagonist of this story is a man with charm who has dissociation as a questionable coping mechanism. On the way to the story's conclusion the protagonist encounters a boy disguised as a girl. This person has knee-high boots. Plot elements include a complicated assassination plot and swords, and at least one character is motivated because it's the only way to make things right. (Cool Bits Story Generator)

Isolde the Fair ~ Randall the Wise ~ Orella de la Reue ~ Alvar Ironside ~ Hildegard le Goix ~ Thrall Firethorn ~ Regina the Slender ~Sigbert Stonewall ~ Belia the Noble ~ Saxon the Quick (NamePistol'sMedieval M/F Name Generator)

Kelly Yamana ~ Adnan Abravenel ~ Diego Dorsey ~ Zeus Moiseev ~ Maxim Maness ~ Antoinette Meuber ~ Yolonda Green ~ Hertha Lahey ~ Elisa Macaula ~ Shinzo Hekt (Namator's People Names Generator)

Gotrodynamos Blanc ~ Hatturbanus ~ Ak' Heimtechix XV ~ Demin Miwasteen Psi ~ Neu Floraagronomic Grau ~ Dobeuki Griss ~ Alva Focktechnos 16 ~ Soleil Acculturos Jaune ~ A' Frincoros 8 ~ Osteogen Quinque (Namator's Planet Names Generator)

Using a predominantly grey color scheme, show a character in a mood of suspense. Listen to a style of music that you usually don't listen to while creating. (Random Art Prompt Generator)

Advanced Clinical Virtual Reality ~ Basic Dimensional Statistics ~ Essential Hyperspatial Law ~ Essential Terraforming ~ Future Nanotechnology ~ History of Interstellar Anthropology ~ Hyperspatial Instruction ~ Inter-Planar Business ~ Political Robotics ~ Virtual Botany(Seventh Sanctum's Science Fiction Academic Realm Generator)

It starts in a harem, with a photographer who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. The antagonist is a modern major-general and the plot involves elements like being stuck in a confined space with something trying to kill you and railroads. (Steampunk Random Story Generator)

Agricultural Metaacoustics ~ Bioseismogenics ~ Cognitive Stereostatics ~ Environmental Ultrageography ~ Histooptics ~ Nuclear Metamathematics ~ Paraspectrostatistics ~ Polymer Cytoinformatics ~ Social Pharmacometrics ~ Zoomorphology (Seventh Sanctum's Weird Science Generator)

Added: Remember the Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name generator that was so cool, and then disappeared a few years ago? I found it again here.


  1. I'm still looking for a good village/town generator - the online one I loved disappeared a couple of years back. Your post send me off on wanderings of my own - and found, which I haven't seen before...

  2. Was that one that generated an entire page of English village/town names, Shawna? I really miss that one.

    Seventh Sanctum has a realm generator here, but it's more descriptive than naming. GeneratorLand has the British Town Name generator here, although that's a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

  3. Shawna, I did a search to see if I could find that English town name generator (figuring it might have been moved), and hooray, I found it again.

    You can try it here.

  4. Generators are so much fun.

    Flash 55 - Love


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