Wednesday, December 23, 2009

For 2010

If you're looking for a personal info manager and a virtual calendar to use for next year, I thought I'd put in a personal good word for this freeware by Martin Bresson:

Chaos Manager 2.25 is a "little simple and compact organizer which features an appointment/to-do manager (appointments will pop-up), a calendar, contacts (phone/address-book), a notebook which supports multiple topics, sync via internet, email forwarding of appointments, print/import/export and much more. All is password protected and encrypted (optional). You can also customize your own skin and background" (OS: Win 98/ME/2K/XP)

I was looking for a simple freeware to replace the (annoying as hell) Windows Vista calendar I've been using, and this is definitely an improvement. It's small, it's simple, I don't have to jump through hoops or get a degree in programming to use it, plus I downloaded it and ran it on my Windows Vista system and it works fine.

Here's a screenshot from my desktop to give you an idea of how it looks (click on image to see larger version):


  1. Does this work if you're not connected to the internet?

  2. Does this work on Mac? I'm looking to organize this year and am not super tech savvy. But if you can figure this program out then maybe I can, too. : )

  3. Wyld Spirit wrote: Does this work if you're not connected to the internet?

    All of the functions work for me, but I didn't use the sync setup because my work computer is not connected to the internet. I tried using sync just to see what would happen and it came up with an error because it couldn't connect to the internet.

  4. I'm still using paper, but am looking for upgrades - so thanks.

    I have fallen in love with Teux Deux, which is a to-do list app that is well suited to the GTD system. What I really like is that you can drag and drop to-dos from one day to another, and that it has a "someday" list where you can put things that you know you need to do but haven't scheduled yet.

    I'm liking it for writing, because I can put bits I know I need to write (scenes, character notes) and then drag them up to an individual day to get "assignments" for that day. One thing I learned in my NaNoWriMo attempt this year was that just having a word count goal wasn't enough - I needed to have a "task" attached.

    Thanks so much for all these free app tips!

  5. Little Bits wrote: Does this work on Mac?

    The designer has no notes on whether it works on a Mac or not, but since it's Windows-oriented my educated guess is no.

    There are some free Mac PIM programs out there; one I found when I was checking my Mac freebies list is Personal Organizer.

  6. Anonymous4:51 PM

    Cool! I can't wait to get home and try it out!

  7. I have long ago come to terms with anything that has to do with "organization" and the fact is we just don't get along.

    I wish you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you for being you!


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