Saturday, December 26, 2009

One Last Wordle

I hope everyone out there is having a great holiday. At the moment I'm trying out my guy's top secret Christmas gift to me, a brand new office chair, which is a thousand times better than what I had, and so comfortable it's almost indecent (this is also a wildly romantic gift for reasons that, well, I'm not going to tell you, just trust me, it is.)

As I've been putting together the last week of posts for this year, I'm finding some old links I haven't visited in a while, like Wordle. Here's one last word cloud for 2009 using the blog's URL (click on image to see larger version):

Did Santa bring you all any surprises? Let us know in comments.


  1. Ah, the words that jump out are simple, writing, play, think. I love Wordles.

    A comfy chair is an amazing gift!

    Santa surprised me with lots of things, from cozy socks to a site makeover. My stocking runneth over.

  2. A new chair? *envy* New chairs that make you feel wonderful when you sit in them are treasured gifts indeed.

    I didn't get a new chair.

    I did get a couple of audio books which shocked me since none of my family members ever buys me books. It was a very lean year though, this year as I'm sure it was for everyone.

    I think that's the best wordle yet. The composition just really caught my eye. :)

    Other surprises for Christmas?


    Lots and lots of rain.

    Enough rain that the creek is overflowing in back.

    If it had been snow, we'd have had over two feet of it.

    I hate rain in winter.

    And now I'm rambling because I'm still in a food fog. I haven't eaten so much in I can't remember when.

  3. AnnaM.1:38 PM

    I got the coolest thing! Ever since the invention of the digital camera I've been waiting for someone to invent this.

    It's a small machine that converts 35mm film and slides into jpgs! Isn't that cool? I have boxes of negatives that will now fit in one little cd case. I no longer have to worry about them!

    I'm so incredibly happy! As a bonus, hubby got it on sale for $50 off the price. :-)

    (It's called a Film and Slide Converter by Innotative Technology.)

    Now if only they'd invent the tray to do 110 film also....

  4. A wildly romantic, top-secret office chair, eh? It wouldn't happen to be a HermanMiller Embody by chance? :-)

    My dh got me a Dragon. One I can talk to and translates what I say. It is oh so wonderfully intelligent. (and it can spell, too)

    Nina (and her Dragon)

  5. All writers need comfy chairs to sit in. We spend a lot of time in them. Your sweetie knows what you need.


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