Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Future Me

To: Future PBW
From: Past PBW

Re: Stuff

Dear Future PBW,

I know you're probably feeling better than I am right now, or you've at least gotten over this rotten respiratory infection we contracted over the holidays. I also know you have the same e-mail address because you haven't changed it in ten years; what's another twelve?

Did you remember to finish all the UFOs in the closet under the stairwell? What about donating that crazy quilt to the folk art museum? Don't tell me you forgot it again. If you wait much longer it's going to disintegrate on you. Also, remember to call Kat today; she's turning 28.

Are you happy to be retired? (this is assuming the world didn't end ten years ago in 2012.) You didn't cave in and cut your hair like all the other old ladies, I hope.

Give our guy a big kiss from me and thank him again for the lovely new office chair he gave me this Christmas.


Past PBW

Send an e-mail to your future self.


  1. Retirement? That's crazy talk. Happy birthday to present Kat.

  2. Happy b-day to Kat! Mine was yesterday and I can tell you that those of us with late-December-what-a-ripoff-birthdays need much more hoopla than average in order to feel truly celebrated. Hope she has a big day.

  3. Yeah, what do you mean 'retired'? No way. I know you. There are way to many people and ideas in your head to let you retire. ;)

    Happy birthday to Kat :)

  4. Dear Future PBW,

    The current PBW thinks you'll be retired in a dozen years. I know, I laughed too. What can I say? She didn't understand the promotional value of the pink cover, either.

  5. Hey... you have a header!

    And retirement???? What, are you trying to kill me? I'm already dog sick.

  6. you DO have a header! Did you change this after I posted this morning? Because I don't remember seeing the page like this. But I *like* it :-D

    And did you take that picture?

  7. Okay you guys. Even I can retire someday. Or at least tell myself I will.

    The changes to the blog are part of the renovation stuff I was supposed to do during the holidays before NY dumped a week of work in my lap at Christmas. I know how much you (cough) loved the old black & white/headerless look, but this should put you all in a serene mood -- something I think we all need to be in as often as possible. :)

  8. Theo wrote: And did you take that picture?

    Yep -- it's a slice from Silver Days. :)

  9. How did I miss that post? Because that's a great picture.

  10. Love the new header.


    *slap!* Snap out of it! [/Cher]

  11. What a beautiful picture! Happy New Year, Lynn -- and future Lynn. *g*

  12. Love the new header. Wishing you a very happy and serene new year. :)

  13. Love the new picture!! And post was great too - made me laugh.


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