Monday, August 03, 2009

Sub Ops Ten

Ten Things for Writers Looking for Work

Pulpwork Press is looking for stories for their Amazing Alternity Stories antho: "What we are looking for is stories in the pulp tradition with an adventure component of 5-12K in length with a central character based on a real-life personage. We want a wide variety of pulp genres represented; if this book is successful we'll release future volumes that focus on specific genres. Fun should be the most important element in these tales--the oddity of seeing a real-life person in a different setting should be secondary to the excitement of reading a fast paced adventure tale." Pay shared royalties, query on reprints, electronic submission of 2-3 page outline only. See guidelines for more details. Deadline: August 31st.

Pill Hill Press has an open call for their April 2010 antho The Bitter End. "We are looking for scary stories that take place on ships, boats, rafts, anything - as long as the setting is on - or in - or under - the ocean (or land-locked bodies of water or lakes). Traditional monsters (werewolves, vampires, witches, mummies, ghosts, etc.) are welcome if presented in a new and interesting way. The setting (at sea) must be integral to plot development. Stories can be realistic or fantastical. They can take place at any time - past, present, future, alternate. We are looking for a good variety of unique and terrifying sea stories." Length: 500 to 5K, pays 1 cent per word plus contributor's copy on publication by check (US authors) or PayPal (International authors), no reprints, electronic submission preferred. See guidelines for more details.Deadline October 31st.

Someone out there asked me for the guidelines to submit to Boy's Life magazine, here is a link to the pdf. with their guidelines.

Comet Press has an open call for their to-be-titled antho of Dark Crime/Horror fiction: "We are looking for very violent, extreme, gruesome, and disturbing hard boiled tales. The stories preferably may have horror elements, whether supernatural, non-supernatural, paranormal, occult, etc." Length 3-10K, payment ¼¢/word, query on reprints, electronic submissions only. See guidelines for more details. Deadline: September 1st or until filled.

Electric Velocipede has a new online submission form; according to Ralan they're also open for submissions as of August 1st. Looking for SF/SpecLit fiction and poetry, Length: 10k or less, query if over 10K; payment 1¢/word with a minimum of $25, No reprints. Electronic submission via online form only. See their excellent guidelines page for more details.

Samhain Publishing will soon be closing their open-call, as-yet-untitled Space Opera Anthology to be published in the Spring 2010; looking for 25-30K length fast-paced, action-adventure space opera romances. No info on payment but they offer 40% on the net for single-author books so it should be fairly decent; definitely inquire as to terms and see guidelines for more details. Electronic submissions only (please read guidelines for specific formatting), and get moving, as the reading period closes August 10th., the Internet Audio Magazine of Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction, accepts fiction and nonfiction submissions: "We are primarily looking for works of fiction up to 10,000 words but feel free to submit works of shorter (flash fiction) or longer (serializable) length as well. We are also looking for reviews, commentary and non-fiction articles of a scientific or entertainment industry related nature We purchase non-exclusive audio rights to stories for which such rights are available regardless of previous publication history. We do, however, prefer not to re-broadcast fiction that has already been published in audio on another fiction podcast." Payment: "$0.01 (USD) per word for fiction and $20.00 (USD) flat for non-fiction. Donations of fiction or non-fiction are also gladly accepted." See guidelines for more details.

Twilight Times print magazine and e-zine will be open for submissions from August 15 to September 5, 2009, looking for sf/f/literary/cross-genre fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art and "still need a few stories and poems for the Halloween issue." Length: cross-genre fiction under 6k words, fiction from 1-10k, essays to 3.5k, poetry to 30 lines. Pays $5 for original and $2.50 for reprints (you're basically going for exposure with this one) electronic submissions only. See guidelines for more details.

I had to see it to believe it, but it's true: Ralan has opened up a new section for Twitter markets.

Tyrannosaurus Press is open to submissions again; looking for novel length SF/F, pays 10-20% net royalties, no reprints, query first, electronic submission preferred, see guidelines for more details.

Nearly all of the above listings were found over among the marvelous market listings over at Ralan's place.

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