Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fusing the Classes

Seventh Sanctum has a fun new generator to play with, one that mixes two genres (which you can pick from a list of fifteen, or choose any type of mix) to offer up a hybrid character classification. Here are some examples:

Steampunk ~ Western

Stagecoach Scholar
Artifice Drifter
Magnetism Rancher
Cowboy Re-animator
Aero Gunfighter

Fantasy ~ Science Fiction

Spiritual Physicist
Illusion Interfacer
Holographic Conjurer
Sword Technologist
Galactic Warlock

Modern ~ Steampunk

Political Apothecary
Electro Banker
Tesla Salesperson
Statistical Pharmacist
Armored Chemist

Any Kind of Mix

Medical Slave
Data Warlock
Forge Showgirl
Bionic Baloonist
Cattle Mage

For those of you who don't know what to call your antagonist, Serendipity also has a new villain name generator that produces some silly as well as some seriously neat bad guy handles:

Cain Darkmoon
Dmitri Wilde
Draco von Bloodcrow
Gustav Noire
Leopold the Unpleasant (oh, God, I can just see this guy, can't you?)
Nicholas the Heartless
Rudolf Nyx
The Bloody Wolf
Ulrich Foxe
Ulysses Wynter
Vlad Malheur

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    I have too many ideas already! Stop!!!


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