Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Persona

Have you ever wondered what the web thinks of you? Now you can find out when you play with a new online toy called Personas*, a program which "creates a personal online data portrait" of you, based on what it finds as it "scours the Web for information and attempts to characterize your Web identity."

It's name-based, kind of like Googling yourself and getting a color-coded bar graph of topics associated with your name; takes a few minutes even on broadband but it's interesting to see the results. I was happy to see from my results that I'm mainly identified with books (click on above image to see larger version), but sports? Politics? I don't think so . . .

*Link swiped from Warren Riddle over at Switched.


  1. Apparently, I'm primarily identified with "books" too. Followed by "social", "news", and "design" (?).
    And for some reason it didn't take long at all. (snort!)

  2. *G* I'm identified with books, too.

    Mine's still running...geez.

    One thing that's giving me a giggle? Sports. Um. no. Not me.

  3. Alas, when you have a common name--and I didn't realize how common mine was pre-Internet--the resulting bar chart contains an odd mix of references.
    Still, it was fun to do!

  4. That was fascinating. I should Google myself more often. I was surprised at how much was said about me.

    I have no idea where the "sports" came from. And "fame"? LOL!

  5. I tried it out, but it's seems to be pulling a lot from the other B.E. Sanderson (who's a doctor doing research into stuff I don't want to know about) and every place that says 'be Sanderson'. As a result, mine graph has big chunks of medicine and religion - totally not me. It's a fun exercise, though. Thanks, Lynn. =o)

  6. Keita Haruka9:54 AM

    lol! Gods...:P Mine has several big blocks and just a few small ones. It's accurate in that much at least, as i'm into a lot of things. The biggest blocks are fashion (What? fashion? MEEEE?? Haaaaaaaahahaha!), design (Um...okay...), politics(I HATE politics. I don't even comment on it), family (um...well, I guess so)and online (which is VERY accurate). The rest are books, education, movies, music, social, religious, professional and fame. :P Crikey....

  7. I'm trying to figure out what the "illegal" section is related to. I don't DO illegal things -- online or off -- so what does it mean?

    Other than that, pretty cool.

  8. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I'm getting ready to try this, it should be fun. I'd also like to know who are the men on your book?

  9. I got books, online, education and geneology (?!) as my biggies. Not huge, but surprising were aggression and illegal. What the...?!

    I'm surprised art and family were so small. I have no idea how fashion got on, unless it's preceded by "has no.."

  10. AnnaM.3:31 PM

    It wasn't accurate for me because it added in the several other folks with my name on the web. Thereby, Sports, became my biggest thing even though I have nothing to do with it. A couple of the other Anna's are apparently runners or something.

  11. OMG! I don't exist!! At least not the 'real' me.

    The persona I post under has 'online' as the biggie. Gee, wonder why :p And 'accident' at the end. Very odd...

    Interestingly enough, my pen name came up with that 'other singer who is a retired opera star' and still the books section is bigger.

    I could get in trouble with this. I'd be putting everyone's name in and never getting anything done!

  12. Funny that I'm primarily books as well.
    I'm surprised, looking at yours, Lynn, that art isn't bigger. But I guess, art & design (patterns and such) sort of blend in a lot of your posts, so that's why.

  13. Wow. Sports came in top of the wazza followed by education and social; books and online were of equal measure.

    Fame was a larger chunk than I expected; I am, at heart, a shy person. (Although I do believe there's a fashion model of the same name.

    Still, it was an eye opener.

  14. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Dude. Freaky. It's taking forever for mine to load but I can tell you this much already - my pen name has a much more interesting profile than I do.

    And now I have a tune in my head. Dum dum dadadada dum dum MY PERSONA dum dum dadadada dum dum MY PERSONA...

  15. It keeps telling me to increase my window size, which is already maximised. Oh well.

  16. Anonymous4:39 AM

    Fascinating! Thank you for sharing. Although, I'm a little bewildered that it comes with "aggression" for me. Still very interesting :)

  17. nice post, very informative!!!

  18. Mine is odd...

    big parts books, online, and social then spors (???) education, movies, fame, news, politics, family, design, genealogy, religious and musical...

    Its interesting as I watched it trigger certain words.

  19. Agreed. Really odd. I was associated mainly with sports and military--neither of which I ever go online to read about or follow.

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