Saturday, August 22, 2009


The only word I can use to describe the e-mail response to yesterday's post. You guys are just the best. Thank you.


  1. Maybe you should wait to thank everyone until after the reviews... ;-)

    Seriously, a chance to pre-read when the excerpt was so good? That was a gimme. Thank *you* for the chance to review Shadowlight.

  2. Theo wrote: Maybe you should wait to thank everyone until after the reviews...

    I'm not worried. A few people have asked about it, but all I want are honest opinions. Generally you get a nice variety of view points that way, and that will help other readers decide if the book is for them. And I really don't think anyone can top the chick on who compared one of my first books to generic tampons, lol.

  3. Are you kidding me? Generic tampons??
    LOL! What the heck kind of review is that??

    And don't worry. I'll give an honest review. I have nothing to gain by not. But I can't imagine using the words 'generic tampon' in a review of a book...

  4. I just noticed your blog about sending an email to request your e-ARC for Shadowlight. I would love to read it and leave a review. I realize I noticed it after your deadline, so if it's too late, that's okay. I'll wait (though impatiently) and buy the book when it is released. I'm sure to love it as I do all your books. =)

  5. "You guys are the best"

    Right back at you Lynn. :-)


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