Sunday, March 01, 2009

Off to Write

I've got to finish a series proposal for the agent today, as people are actually interested in and waiting on it, so I'm going to bail on you guys again. Keep your fingers crossed; if I dazzle them I'll be moving into another new genre. Then it should only be a short period of time before I conquer all of Publishing, move it to a small island in the South Pacific where I will run it all from a hammock strung between two palm trees while young handsome adoring book slaves fan me with palm fronds, read to me, feed me grapes and rub my feet. Hey, at my age, that is Nirvana.

So that your stop here wasn't entirely wasted, check out the Word Hearts generator*, which will fill a heart shape with your choice of words in your choice of font and background colors. Kind of like a romantic Wordle.

*Link pinched from Gerard over at the Generator Blog.


  1. So where do I get an application for "adoring book slave?" I can fan a mean palm frond.

    Good luck on your proposal.

  2. Good luck storming the Publishing castle! I'd say you've earned Nirvana.

  3. Hi there, wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed Incarnatio. Just the right size to blaze through in an hour and a half. I'll be checking out some more, so please, submit that work, your ideas are unusual and brilliant. Keep up the good work!

  4. What genres are there for you to conquer?

  5. I'm with Eugenia. What's left? Westerns? International spy thrillers?

    Erotica . . .

  6. that's a fine excuse to leave us in the dust. we'll cheer and wave white scarves.

  7. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Ohhhhhh! :D I can absolutely breathless with anticipation! Can't wait to hear what you have planned. I hope it went well.

  8. Good luck with your proposal. I'm having trouble figuring out another genre that you haven't managed yet, so I can't wait to see the results.

    And as long as you have Internet on your fancy island, I'll be happy to wave a frond or two electronically.


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