Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's Twins

Shy Thing finally left the nest to fuel up on some bugs, which gave me a chance to snap this quick shot of her infants (click on image to see larger version):

They hatched sometime in the last week; I don't know the day because I really haven't heard a peep out of them. Unlike the other bird babies we've hosted in the past, these two are so quiet you wouldn't even know they were there.

Now to keep the foxes, snakes and buzzards away from them until they can fly . . .


  1. Aww. Cute! :) Other than the allergies, I love spring.

  2. Oh, so cute! Best of luck keeping the predators away. We used to have mourning doves in our rafters, and it always broke my heart to see one of the babies had been knocked out of its nest by the crows. Hopefully these little guys will stay safe!

  3. Awwww. They are so sweet. I hope they make it :( I hate to see when that happens too, the crows or some other bird, or a raccoon.

  4. Hi, my name's Brett. I'm 11 years old and am writing on my mom's screen name. I belong to a birdwatching club at school, so she showed me this post.

    I was wondering if you live in the US or Europe, because in the US there are no buzzards. The European who first came here thought the vultures were buzzards because they have no vultures in Europe.

    So if you live in the US, you have to worry about keeping vultures away from the babies, not buzzards.


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