Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fiction Becomes Fact

Weird writer moment #9999: sometimes real life imitates your fiction.*

Back when I started creating the Darkyn universe, the old superstitions about vampires and the Black Death appealed to me as an interesting jumping-off point for my world-building. No one else was taking that approach, either, also a bonus. Ultimately the vampire-Black Death connection inspired a good portion of the series conflict as well as some of the backstory and plot for Stay the Night, but for the latter so did Hawthorne, Genesis, Coleridge and other somewhat unorthodox sources.

Still, it's pretty strange. This must be my weekend for creepy coincidences.

*Thanks to Jess for sending me the heads up and the link.


  1. When I saw that story, I thought you must've seen something about it in your research. Don't you love how those things come around?

  2. I read that article too and you came to mind. I don't know if that's good or bad ;)

    Fascinating things, vampires. My FIL is a first generation American, his mother and father were Romanian. My FIL still remembers some of the legends.

  3. You were tuned in to something. Thanks for turning it into such an enjoyable series.

  4. I think you should sue for copyright infringement :P

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    When I read that, I thought of you and your delightful series.

    I think it's time to reread them all.

  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    That is seriously cool!

  7. Not long after I started my current work-in-progress -- which opens with a swordsman lurking on the streets of Baltimore -- there was an article in the Baltimore Sun about a man with a sword who had been arrested for trolling the streets and attacking people.

    I wish now that I'd printed it.


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