Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Weird Name Game

I've been playing with the generators over at Seventh Sanctum again, and I found the Weird Name generator that doubles as a fairly decent name/title/story idea prompter, too -- or at least it does for me.

Upfront disclaimer: the generator does produce some laughably weird names, such as Marquis with a Mouth of Fire Who Inherited the Canyon of Frost (so much for his inheritance) and Frozen Monk with Lips of Emerald (where is Isabelle Allende when we need her?) But it also came up with some pretty neat stuff, too, like Duchess of the Silver Knife and Uniform of Dreaming (the latter not really being a name at all, but a terrific story starter.)

Here's a list of some other interesting weird names I generated:

The Illuminated Knight
Bow of Silence
Profane Spear
Singer in the Misery
(there's the title I want for my biography)
The Astral Official
Bracers of Fire
The Screaming Walker
Chime of the Vault
The Crazed Courtesan
Winter of the Shrine

Also, some of the more ridiculous weird names had interesting story concepts incorporated in them that you might be able to use once you weed out the silly stuff, i.e.:

The Angry Hero Who Takes Shadows
King That Enables the Ever-changing Ossuary and is Bound by Eternal Dreams
The Courageous Queen Holding the Gold Cutlass and That Keeps the Labrynth of Gold
Astral Wanderer That Destroyed the Room and is Fed by the Crystal Citadel
The Cruel Inquisitor with a Mind of Zoisite Who Makes the Tower of Silence

The one that really made me laugh and would make a killer chick-lit story idea or title: Princess Orientation.

If you have a chance, head over and play with the Weird Name generator, and post what you think would make a great name, title or story idea in comments.


  1. The generator came up with some whoppers. There were few I thought worthwhile:

    Knife of Autumn
    Circlet of the Legendary Pit
    Haunted Impostor

    Where do you get these sites names??

  2. Bishop of Grace

    Black Shield (I could totally see this as a black ops sorta thing)

    The Benevolent Storm

    The Third Murderer (great for a mystery-intrigue)

  3. I've had some superbly crazy ones, but this is one of the more 'sensible' titles/story ideas that came up:

    The Innocent Red Dreamer

    I'm writing a novel that involves dreams, so anything like this fires my imagination. Great link, thanks! :)

  4. Ooh... Another one I love:

    The Princess With Eyes of Copper

  5. Steel Nanny with Lips of Ruby Who Feeds in the Cairn of Tears
    The Crazed Grandmother
    Chief Who Abandoned the Grotto - Santa anyone?
    The Tenth Nun Nursed by the Mystic Shrine
    Czarina , with Teeth of Topaz and the Garnet Thurible
    The Eighth Ancient Duke That Destroyed the Vortex of Pestilence and is Nursed by Dreams - that's just a story outline really

    Astral Battle - could be a good title
    Raiment of Shadow - I like this one too
    The Wicked Queen - it's been done

  6. Oh! And this one:
    Infernal Gigolo Blessed by Always

  7. The Drunken Ethereal Seeker is destined to be #1 on the NYT list!

  8. The Sadistic Despicable Lover -- That one made me laugh at first and then became oddly intriguing. I don't know that I'd use it for a title, but I could see myself writing a character around that description.

  9. Anonymous9:20 AM

    Those ARE good! I like Princess Orientation too. Thanks for the head's up on this. I may use it to come up with prompts for my writing.


  10. Blessed Pike
    Duke with Lips of Aquamarine Who Oversees the Steel Church
    The Outlaw That Obtains Time

    The Third Illuminated Princess in the Memories- if she got together with the illuminated knight, would their kids glow in the dark? :)
    The Unknown Joker

    King Elegence

  11. Damn, now I want to write the books that go with The Crystal Citadel and Tower of Silence. Could be the first two books in a Fantasy trilogy.

    The Haunted Castle or The Silver Halls could be book 3. :)

  12. >>The Astral Official

    I'm such a perv I read that and saw The Astral Orifice *blush*

    Cursed Shadows
    Eternal Lies
    Marquessa Silver Gauntlet
    The Bloodstained Princess (code for the Billionaires Royal Mistress)
    The Sixth Hermit Who Seals the Archivist

  13. Anonymous5:14 PM

    The Third Bloody Sultanna That Endures Blasphemy
    The Sultan of Hell
    Desecrated Minister with an Eye of Gold

  14. I was entertained by "Crown of Silence". Could have potential, maybe?

    But the best one was "The Innocent Archivist in Combat". Whether you shorten it or not!

  15. These name generators always remind me of Simon Green's Nightside books, he always has THE BEST names and titles for his characters.

    the Lamentation
    the Nightingale

    Love his books.

  16. Lynn, here's another one for your Evil Procrastunation Tools .... erm, Fun Generators list.


  17. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Child of Autumn???
    Third name, fits with mii story...
    Kind of :P

    If only it had a Surname generator...
    I need one :P


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