Thursday, November 06, 2008


This story is for the NaNo'ers and other writers out there who are worried about what rejection will do to them. I've told it before, many times, but this time I can say it's finished.

Back in 1998, I received one of those resounding rejections that take a writer down a few thousand pegs. It was for a submission I'd made for a series of dark fantasy novels featuring, of all things, vampires. The editor who bounced it said something along the lines of there were far more talented writers out there doing much better books and that I should forget about it.

I wrote a couple more stories set in that universe for my online readers, but I did shelve the series idea and went on to other things in print. Five years later when I got the chance to pitch a new editor, I decided what the hell, I'd give it one more shot. I loved the stories, my readers were nagging me constantly about them, and I really hoped that maybe this new editor would be more receptive to my series idea.

She was.

The Beginning

The Print Novels

The Juliana Trilogy

The Standalones

As I've said before, I doubt this will be the last we'll see of the Darkyn, but just in case I get hit by a truck tomorrow, it's done. There's a lot of satisfaction in just being able to say that, and feel this sense of completion. I also owe so much to the nonstop generosity of my visitors here at PBW, the bookstore buyers and readers out there who invested in my work and spread the word -- thank you.

This is what you can do if you love the work, you do your best for the reader, and no matter how many times you're rejected, you don't give up: you can finish what you started.

*Before anyone yells, I know I haven't delivered Incarnatio yet; it's done but needs a final buff and polish before I put it online. As soon as I get my current contract book out of here that's next on the agenda (along with five or six other projects I had to put on hold.)


  1. What an awesome thing. Congratulations on finding a home for the Darkyn and finishing the series. That's a huge achievement. (Not that I don't hope for spinoffs and other standalones!)

  2. I'm inspired. I just did a rewrite on a novel that my very good agent has been submitting for a year. Love that novel to death, but the rewrite was needed. Perhaps one day soon my story will be complete as well. Thank you for telling me to never give up.

  3. Your career is inspiring : )

  4. And we're all very glad that you did find a home for the Darkyn and were able to finish the series.
    It's also a very reassuring reminder for someone who just received her second rejection letter.

  5. Anonymous10:29 AM

    You give all writers hope. Thank you for posting this.

  6. I'm so grateful that you gave the Darkyn concept one more shot. And I can't say enough about the Juliana Trilogy. Simply exquisite. Eagerly awaiting Incarnatio.

  7. Thanks for sharing that bit of hope with us all. :)

  8. Anonymous5:32 PM

    I don't know how you do it. Congratulations on finishing the series.


  9. Anonymous11:56 PM

    From the very first moment I read the excerpt from Stardoc in the back of one of Catherine Coulter's books, I was a fan....I emailed you the second I finished reading Stardoc.

    After that, I started haunting the old website on Sff and I glommed onto every freebie read you did thru there.

    I printed most of the stories so I could read them whenever I wanted without tracking them down online.

    Considering I've been gobbling your books down from the first second I could get my hands on them, can I tell you how utterly awesome it was to read this post?

    However, you better not get hit by a truck.

  10. Congratulations on finishing the series, living your dream and defying the naysayers.

    Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  11. I love your work!! I also started reading your series because of Catherine Colter. What is the Juliana trilogy and How can I get it.

  12. Anonymous2:11 PM

    anna said..."What is the Juliana trilogy and How can I get it."

    Anna, I'm going to answer this one as Lynn is not available at the moment. The Juliana trilogy are a series of short stories Lynn wrote for her readers and published online for free access.

    You can read all three Juliana stories online, or download or print them at Lynn's Scribd library page, which has an index at

    Here are the separate links:

    #1 -- Worthy

    #2 -- Willing

    #3 -- Wanted

    Enjoy -- Tom

  13. I am just now getting into this series i am on the 3 book, dark need and i am loving it, i am glad that you got to finish your dream and get your stories out, however i hope we have some kinds o f spin offs about what happens years down the road and little updates of all their lives ... also, do you have a myspace???


  14. I'm catching up on my blog reading and I just had to let you know how much I loved the ARC of "Stay the Night" that I won. Without giving anything away, one major question left unanswered has left me wanting more. I know you love your readers and won't let us down, even if it's different from what we are used to regarding the Darkyn.


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